14 Responses to “Little Bill’s Not So Excellent Adventure”

  1. Bert I will try to get a message to Ernie. God save you from the vile woman.

  2. At least Ernie is safe. Poor Bert. *sniff*

  3. Ah, poor Ernie. My thoughts are with you. Hang in there ‘lil buddy.

  4. Bert my heart goes out to you. Just hang in there. Maybe she will lose interest and let you go home.

  5. Bert ~ I’m sorry you’re being treated so poorly. But there’s one thing I’ve been dying to know. Is it true that Inky has a pink snatch??? She told a bunch of us that she had gotten a box of “Pink Betty” once and dyed her pubic hair bright pink???? I can’t even imagine. *shivers*

  6. I’m sorry they have put you through such hell Bert! Hopefully word will get back to Taylor what they did to you. Once he finds out he won’t want to get near you. Then you will no longer have any value to them and they will set you free.

    And Inky did WHAT? LMAO!

  7. Thank you for hearing my plight. Yes, the rumors you’ve heard about the Pink Betty are true. I’ll never ever look at a triangle or the color pink the same way again.

  8. Pinky Inky is Icky!


  10. I know let’s make a documentary. “Free Bert”

  11. “Free Bert!” That’s a spectacularly Sesame idea! Michael Moore went to Sesame Street at least once. Maybe Ernie can contact Michael Moore. Since he makes “great” documentaries and likes Bert I am sure he can hook us up with a deal.

  12. He can do an expose’ of the vile woman and how she kidnapped poor Bert. Changed his name. Exploited him for her nasty needs and the needs of her friends.

  13. Bert hon are you ok?

  14. […] Bert image courtesy of the True Feelings On The Closing of TMS Weblog. […]

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